I have always been drawn towards people and interpersonal relationships. I spent much of my childhood quietly observing those around me, feeling overwhelmed by a sense of empathy and compassion towards strangers. As am extremely sensitive person I often get overwhelmed by my sensory intake, both visual and emotional. My creative practice is a way for me to cope and process the information I take in throughout my day.

Within my creative practice, I utilize materials to manipulate, document, and experience reality. I have always been interested in interpersonal relationships and have more recently begun exploring the interactions of objects and time. With special attention to moments of distance and closeness, I recognize existing dynamics and also work to facilitate new interactions between subject/subject, subject/viewer, and subject/object.

In my more traditional figurative work, I am drawn towards imagery that is banal and, at times, uncomfortable. I focus on painting people whose lives are seemingly normal; people who slip by, unnoticed in a culture of prestige, glamour, and branding.Though many of my pieces display only a single subject, often what has drawn me to them is their relationship to themselves, their community or their circumstances.