I have always been drawn towards people and interpersonal relationships. I spent much of my childhood quietly observing those around me, feeling overwhelmed by a sense of empathy and compassion towards strangers. As am extremely sensitive person I often get overwhelmed by my sensory intake, both visual and emotional. My creative practice is a way for me to cope and process the information I take in throughout my day.

Within my creative practice, I utilize materials to manipulate, document, and experience reality. I have always been interested in interpersonal relationships and have more recently begun exploring the interactions of objects and time. With special attention to moments of distance and closeness, I recognize existing dynamics and also work to facilitate new interactions between subject/subject, subject/viewer, and subject/object.

In my more traditional figurative work, I am drawn towards imagery that is banal and, at times, uncomfortable. I focus on painting people whose lives are seemingly normal; people who slip by, unnoticed in a culture of prestige, glamour, and branding.Though many of my pieces display only a single subject, often what has drawn me to them is their relationship to themselves, their community or their circumstances.




Born in Vancouver, Canada

Lives and works in Portland, OR



          BFA, George Fox University



Abide, Solo Exhibition, Minthorn Gallery

Alumni Exhibition, George Fox University

PSA, Ford Gallery, Oregon


Recent Graduates Show, Blackfish Gallery

Thesis Exhibition, Solo Exhibition, Lindgren Gallery

Juried Student Exhibition, George Fox University


 In Motion, Studio Three, George Fox University

Juried Student Exhibition, George Fox University



First Place in Studio, Juried Student Exhibition, George Fox University

Janey Belozer Endowment Award, George Fox University

Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership Award

First Place Studio Art Scholarship, George Fox University (also in ’13,’14,’15)


Honorable Mention, Juried Student Exhibition, George Fox University

Student Project Grant, George Fox University



Substitute Drawing Professor, George Fox University (also in ’15, '16)

Private Art Instructor (also in ’14, ’15, '16)


Wilson Studio Intensive with Tim Lowly, North Park University, Chicago IL

Adjunct Professor, George Fox University

Workshop Instructor, George Fox University (also in ’15)